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Sven the Hippie speaks! An exclusive interview

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Perhaps no one was been more surprised by the phenomenon that is Sven the Hippie than Sven the Hippie.

A simple country boy from Mora, Sweden, Sven has catapulted to internet fame with such stunning videos as “Yack K,” and, of course, “Dungen,” which recently won the August 19th installment of the Big Sur International Short Film Series, beating out “Miracle Fish” from Australia, “Manon Sur Le Bitume” from France, “Dangerous Games” from the Netherlands, and others.

We recently caught up with Sven, who took a break from sleeping in his van on Highway 1 and practicing “My Sweet Lord” on guitar, for an all-too-brief interview over e-mail.  Enjoy.

HML: Sven, “What is Vinyl in the Woods?” went live a few months ago.  Then it went viral.  Were you truly prepared for that kind of response?

Sven: I always knew that everyone was going love me. Is that what is viral?

HML: When you perform in those movies, how do you prepare?  What is your mind-set like?  Do you go to a dark place?

Sven: Prepare? I am just myself.

HML: Recently, a young lady on the Henry Miller Library Facebook page suggested you get your own Facebook page.  How does that make you feel?

Sven: Really, really good – I am hitting the big time in he movies…but music comes first…roadie…groupies…

HML: Speaking of which, is there a special lady in your life?

Sven: That is so embarrassing to talk about…you are crazy to ask about that!

HML:  What is next for you, Sven?

Sven: Going on tour with Dungen, I know it will happen, I know it will happen, will happen, will happen…happen.


Sven, Kerouac, and finding satori on Bixby Beach

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If “House of Floyd in Big Sur” was Sven the Hippie’s “On the Waterfront,” than “Yack K” is his “A Touch of Evil.” (?)

Never before has Sven plunged to such murky, yet technicolor, subterranean* depths.  Sven’s experience lends credence to the theory that to your mind must disintegrate before you can put it back together again.  Very intense.

The film was created to celebrate the August 14th screening of “One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur,” the fantastic collaboration between Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard.   The move traces the origins of Kerouac’s “Big Sur,” which documented his not-so-pleasant retreat from Beat stardom while renting out Ferlinghetti’s cabin in Bixby Canyon.  If “On the Road” was joyous and librerating, “Big Sur” is stiffling, uncomfortable, and tragic, as Kerouac speaks of his psychological meltdown in candid, impressionistic detail.

It is into this mythical narrative than Sven steps, seeking to attain satori and purge his Swedish soul of unspeakable – and as yet, unidentified – demons.

* That was a Kerouac pun.