Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

Getting in touch with our inner (musical) child with Dan Bern

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I was eavesdropping on the Dan Bern songwriting workshop last night  and realized the participants were singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  And later, “You are My Sunshine.”  So cute.  But to what end?  I thought.

Then it hit me: when you go retreat at Esalen, you get in touch with your inner child (while eating killer red quinoa.)  Why not do so musically?  Those melodies have been ingrained in us since an early age (less so for me, sadly; came from a circus family), and their simplicity is stunning.

There’s an old saying that John Lennon wrote at least 10 songs that ripped off “Three Blind Mice” (eg. “My Mummy’s Dead,” “All You Need Is Love.”)

So why not get in touch with your inner musical child? This is a rhetorical question.

Look at ’em go!