Huxley on Huxley: Feed your head (responsibly)

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Ahh, nothing like movie night in Big Sur.  The redwoods.  The stars.  The LSD jokes.  Last week’s installment: Huxley on Huxley, a film about the prescient, hulking-yet-gentle, and tweed-clad British writer-genius Aldlous Huxley, told through the eyes and voice of his second wife, Laura Archera.

It was a hoot, especially for this Huxley neophyte.  What was especially telling was his prescience about the extinction of fossil fuels, namely oil, and his fear of religious lunatics.  Of course, these ideas made their way into Brave New World, but seeing him speak to Mike Wallace of CBS in 1955 about the very same issues we’re dealing with now was downright eerie.


What was also cool was how the director addressed his relationships to mind-altering drugs, like LSD.  Huxley was no Tim Leary.  Huxley took that stuff super-seriously, unlike Leary, who wanted everyone dosed (even Nixon!)  It’s like, y’know, with great power comes great responsibility.

There was the obligatory Doors reference too, with an interview from their drummer, whose name currently escapes me.  At least it wasn’t Manzarek.  Anyway, if Huxley did turn the Doors and Jim Morrison on to acid, the chap has a lot of explaining to do, what with that “Mr. MOJO RISING” bit in “LA Woman.” I mean, really.


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