So many things happening!

Hello Intrepid blog readers!

There are tons of events rolling on through here at the Henry Miller Library.  I’ll start with a brief update on a few past events:

Kyp Malone was here on Sunday and treated us to a spectacular performance of his solo project Rain Machine.  With rhythmic guitar and vocals, he used looping and live performance to wow us all afternoon.  I’m sorry for those who missed out!

Last night, Erin Gafill, one of our favorite neighbors-to-the-north, as well as breathtaking painter and writer was here doing a reading from her new book, “Drinking From A Cold Spring” which I promise to tell you more about when I can finish reading it!  I can already tell you that the reading was beautiful, Erin’s paintings were displayed on the deck and delicious refreshments were enjoyed by all.  You can buy a copy of Erin’s book by calling us at (831) 667 – 2574 or by visiting us.  Definitely worth it!

Now on to upcoming events:

tonight, as always on Thursday nights, we will show you four short films!  Tonight’s bill includes the following films:

Director: Mirko Echghi-Ghamsari

Synopsis: Based on a World War II legend: A German soldier awaiting his doom in the pocket of Stalingrad spots an undamaged piano in the no-man’s land between the lines. The urge to play one more time becomes irresistible….

Love Story
Director: Amit Gupta

Love Story

Love Story

Synopsis: A young girl asks her father, ‘Why do you love Mummy?’ As the man considers this question, his memories of the first sighting of his future wife reveal the depth and complexity of his love for her.

Director: Arturo Ruiz Serrano
Synopsis: Gabino has never declared his love to a woman.

Director: Brett Wagner

Synopsis: The lush landscape of Hawaii is the backdrop for a suspenseful tale of escape. A Samoan chief tries to run away from his painful past, but a natural disaster forces him to resume his rightful place in the world.

Brett Wagner, director of Chief, who will be joining us in present his film this evening!

Brett Wagner, director of Chief, who will be joining us in present his film this evening!

So come on down for the films, and a filmmaker this evening at 8!

Tomorrow and Saturday, we will be hosting the first annual Hipnic, a weekend-long musical extravaganza featuring the Mother Hips, These United States, Everest, The Moondoggies, Little Wings, Citay, and so many more.  The party starts at 3pm tomorrow and at 1pm on Saturday.  Tickets are still available for 25 dollars a day (plus vendor fees) or 45 for a two day pass.  Please don’t be daunted by the fact that most of the campgrounds are booked up already – there are first come, first served sites available at Andrew Molera State Park, Botchers Gap, Kirk Creek Campground, and Plaskett Creek.  There will be food and drink available, and the weather promises to be absolutely perfect for days and nights of musical reverie!


What better way to spend the fourth?!  There is none.  Show your patriotism by supporting musicians.

Also upcoming is the annual Northern California ACLU picnic on Sunday.


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