My mom called me last night to tell me that I promised to write a blog post and did not deliver. Oops. She’s right.

I want to let you know what’s going on at the Henry Miller Library these days! We’ve redone the lawn. That’s right, Magnus and his two go-to-gardeners (note these gardeners are NOT Eric and I… We’re his go-to-manual labor most of the time, but not for lawn fight 2009) attacked the lawn full force last week. From sunup till sundown the three guys used any number of lawn tools, seeds, fertilizers, soils, sand, water and probably some lawn magic I’m not privy to. Soon there will be a thick full lawn here as there is every spring. However, when spring turns to summer and events start happening five at a time, the lawn gets trampled to a soiled mess. We’re tenacious grass growers here, however, and we try harder each year to get a solid lawn and keep it. This year will obviously be the year.

Not only the lawn is getting an improvement this year, NO! We’re also expanding the deck. And not just a little. We’re damn near tripling the size of the deck. For those of you who are familiar with the library, you know that the deck is an important part, as the actual roofed portion of the library is tiny and stuffed to the gills. The deck is a character here. The deck is where the hitchhikers sit next to the families with kids and grandparents. The deck is where people meet. The deck is where spontaneous music happenings occur. The deck is where we serve coffee and tea in the summer sun. The deck is home to intimate concerts when it seems too impersonal to play them on the stage. The deck is where wedding couples put their bar generally. The deck is where we host groups of people here for a talk on Henry Miller or Big Sur history. We’re going to be able to do so much more of all of those things this summer on our new and huge deck (spare me all the jokes about our big deck – I’ve been hit with too many already). For those of you familiar with our existing deck imagine if it extended to the south past the persimmon tree, and then behind the library all the way to the woods. Sound great? It’s going to be.

With the lawn attack comes the need to fend ourselves off against the moles who are, apparently, completely thrilled that we’ve done a lot of the hard work of breaking up the ground. They’re going crazy for the fresh soil these days. We’re trying a mole-repellent worm bait that the kind folks at the hardware store suggested to me, but if that doesn’t work I will personally buy a copy of Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch for whoever comes up with a solution that does work.


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