Submitted to the Big Sur Roundup, and here for those of you outside of its readership

Life at the Henry Miller Library is busy despite the season – preparations for the upcoming summer concerts, work in the archives, writing workshops, and, of course the massive amount of leg work for the Big Sur International Short Film Screening series that we all love so well.  Just a few things we want to make sure you know about:

We are introducing a new regular event – Second Sundays at the Miller!   So come by for an all day concert on the second Sunday of every month from June to September.  Likewise, we are very interested in featuring local bands and musicians for these events, so if you’d like to play, come down to the library and talk to us, there’s an application on our website (  We really want to be able to feature all you wonderful local musicians!

Also, look forward to May 30th when we will bring Alisa Fineman and Don Usner (author of Natural History of Big Sur) to the library to attack the question “Where is Big Sur?”  Those of you who knew about this program that was set to run last year will remember that it was scheduled for June 28th, a time when the answer to that question was largely, “at the Carmel Middle School.”  Keep in touch for more information about this community gathering.

Work in the archives is buzzing along, as well.  We are looking for new interns for the summer.  If you know students interested in library science, please let them know to visit our website to find more information about our internship in the archives. Keely has been in hiding among the wealth of letters, manuscript pages, and notes that passed between Henry Miller and Emil Schnellock from Paris to Brooklyn in the time around the 1930s.  So if you haven’t seen her in a while, trust she’s doing well and is in her element amidst engrossing Miller history.

Also!  If you haven’t seen Magnus for a while you can trust that he’s been busy, among other things, planning and carrying out two successful writing workshops.  The annual children’s writing workshop was held in December, and the young adult and fiction workshop in March.  Participants come back year after year for these unique and important workshops in the rapidly growing genre of young adult writing.

And, if you have been missing Eric it’s because he’s been in the thick of the planning stages of the Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series.  With invitations out to 2000+ filmmakers internationally, submissions are already streaming in.  This year we are proud to announce a slight change in the regular program – we have invited guest judges to have a say in the process.  We’ve not found just any guest judges, but Academy Award winning (and local!) cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, Academy Award nominee and legendary composer Philip Glass, cutting edge musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson, Academy Award nominated actor Woody Harrelson, feature film editor Susan Littenberg, and film producer Lawrence Inglee.  So get ready for Thursday nights!

We are all very busy, but we promise that if you’ve been missing us there are two things you can do to solve this problem: you can get ready for all of the wonderful events we are working so hard to bring you, or you can come on down to the library, which contrary to popular belief is open and we are excited to see you all.  Don’t forget about our local discount.  We’ve got a wonderful selection of books now and will have even more soon – if you want to see something on or shelves, let us know, we love suggestions.


2 responses to “Submitted to the Big Sur Roundup, and here for those of you outside of its readership

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  2. p1sNly Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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