The Henry Miller Library: Where Nothing Happens?

So here it is: The Henry Miller Library blog. We have been talking among ourselves about what makes this page different from our website.

We decided that it was necessary because it allows us to spontaneously let the world know things like the fact that the book that we read a chapter of before work this morning is REALLY bad, or that the concert that we’re having on Sunday is going to be REALLY good (stay tuned for more information about our newest addition – Second Sundays at the Miller – a series joining the ranks of its brothers: Wednesday Open Mics and the Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series). We want to give you insight into what it’s like to be at the Henry Miller Library – jokes we share at lunch, answers to questions we are asked regularly, or a particularly interesting sailing story that Magnus wows us with over coffee before we get into our daily tasks (they’re all interesting!). We want to give you an idea of what life is like here; to show you what it’s like when nothing’s happening, and to show you what it is to be us in, say, the middle of July when it’s difficult to imagine what life is like when nothing’s happening at the library. We want you to be a bigger part of our life here, because it’s for you we are here in the first place!

Please leave your comments, read often, follow links, and share this with others.


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